Wednesday 27 August 2014

Cobbaton Combat Collection

Last week I had a short family holiday in Devon - Ilfracombe to be precise - and this coincidentally brought me within a short distance of the Cobbaton Combat Collection, a museum I have wanted to visit for some years. The Museum contains exhibits and vehicles mostly from World War Two but also contains some stuff from other periods as well. I shot far too many pictures as usual and showed a little too much of my geeky side to the wife and kids...but this was 'my day' in a week of activities which included the usual shopping and sitting by the pool (pursuits I don't normally entertain). Anyway, here's a selection of the best pictures from this excellent little museum.

Centaur Cruiser Tank Mk IV

A collection of anti tank obstacles including these 'Bouy' type examples

WWI Newspaper from the Winter of 1914

Ford F60S LAAT (1944)

Daimler Armored Car Mk 1 (1942)

Ford Windsor Carrier (1944)

Chevrolet C15TA (1944)

Inside one of the 'halls' of the museum

Ford F15A (1941)

British 25Pdr Mk II (1943)

Morris Quad C8 Mk II (c1940)

A British Churchill Crocodile, A Chinese tank and a Centurion in another hall of the Museum

This replica Horsa Glider was built for the war movie "A Bridge Too Far"

The replica was used for interior shots

White Scout Car M3A1

A Priest Self Propelled Gun

The ubiquitous Jeep

A Russian T34/85

Morris C9B Self Propelled Bofors (1943)

\A post war Centurion Mk 5 AVRE (1949)

A Home Front display including several children's toys of the period

Standard Light Utility vehicle or 'Tilley' (1944)

BigLee is in 'Happy Land'.... I've been wanting to visit this museum for years

A Churchill Crocodile flame thrower

BigLee and the Centaur Cruiser Tank Mk IV

A British 17 Pdr Anti Tank Gun

An American infantry Landing craft (a replica I think)

Sherman V M4A4 - Note the Applique armour plates welded on the side. These gave extra protection to the Ammunition storage racks inside.
Whats left of the engine from the Sherman
There is a huge amount more to be seen here and I heartily recommend a visit if you are in the area. Although the large exhibits are a bit cramped for space for me this just added to the charm of this private collection, clearly many exhibits have been lovingly looked after and restored. One thing I would recommend is that you buy the guide book when you enter the museum as this gives a lot more information on all of the vehicles on display and is a very interesting read in itself.


  1. Another fine collection you've stumbled upon there Lee.

    1. I've been looking for an excuse to visit this museum for years but have never been close enough. So when the wife suggested a holiday in North Devon (just 30 minutes form the museum) she found me very enthusiastic about her choice of holiday venue!

  2. Great post - some great stuff there!

  3. Great museum. I have a question, why do the Centaurs have what looks to me a rule type markings around the turret? Is that a unit marking or some other purpose?

    1. I think they were used for indirect fire, and that is 360 degrees marked on the turret for aiming purposes.

    2. This centaur has a replica turret and 95mm Howitzer. To quote from the guide book "It is now in the markings of the Royal Marines Armored Support Group who were the first self propelled guns ashore on D-Day. The markings around the turret are the degrees of the compass which were used to help bring all the guns in a troop to bear on a target quickly."

  4. What a load of scruffy looking old junk. I will take the lot of your hands for scrap metal. (If this works let me know)

    1. Cough, splutter....I beg your pardon sir! Old Junk indeed!!

  5. Thanks. I really like these museum visits by proxy. Great!
    I'm so envious!

  6. I used to go fishing in one of those landing craft. A pair of them had been repurposed as tugs on Johnston Atoll.

  7. Great photos. What an amazing collection.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Great pics Lee, thanks for sharing. Love the Carrier with the canvas on it, not something you very often see.

  9. I'd feel like a kid in a toy shop! Thanks for some amazing pics, Lee, these are brilliant.

    (I wonder how much of this is in running order...?)

  10. Wow, this must be wonderland! What a collection! Thanks for sharing these beautifull pictures with us Lee!



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