Thursday 12 December 2013

The Lost BatRep

Today was supposed to be the day I finally umpired a wargame for the Rejects, a task I set for myself as a New Years Resolution back in January. I've been working towards this all year, and in the last few months I have been painting and scheming like a man possessed to get a large scale FOW scenario ready, using my 6mm North Africa figures. But getting the fellas together for a game seems to be more difficult than I thought and the game scheduled for today has had to be postponed because that renegade budgie smuggler Ray let me down! To be fair it wasn't his fault and I totally understand, but it has sorta kiboshed achieving my resolution. 

On the plus side though I still decided to take the day as a holiday (I needed to use it up) and have had a very pleasant day prepping figures for the Challenge and going to see my youngest daughter's school Nativity play. I'm now feeling very prepared for the challenge and very Christmassy. So while I don't have a BatRep to post this evening I don't mind too much because I've had such a nice relaxing day. OK that's it, toodle pip! 


  1. Only you would post a non-batrep about a lost batrep that will eventually be a batrep!!!!

    1. On the contrary, I wanted to be quite clear that I was ready, willing and able to run my first game for the Rejects as promised before the year was out. So when those two scoundrels start maoaning that I never run a game, you (dear readers) will know the truth! ;)

  2. thats more Batcrap than Batrep, glad you had a relaxing day though
    Peace James

  3. I would not have been able to make it yesterday, but Ray and Fran both have my email addy . So feel free to call on me if you are short a player.


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