Friday 18 October 2013

Desert Objective Markers

One thing I need for my upcoming 6mm FOW Battle is Objective markers. I game some thought to making special models for this but as time is limited I decided I would opt for a flag or some other simple marker. In the end I opted for a simple national symbol make in effect an objective 'token'. I downloaded these from the Internet but have run them through some editing software to reduce them to sepia tones so they don't stand out too garishly on the battlefield. 

I have stuck these on alternate sides of a Small FOW base so they can be flipped over if an objective changes hands. I have only made a few - not many are needed in any given game - and here's a picture of the finished token's. 

Double sided objective tokens


  1. Simple and effective. The colours are in keeping with the period and setting. I also like the two sides of a coin approach and simply flipping it over when the objective changes hands. All in All very neat and tidy.

  2. Yes, very effective, BL! I like the sepia.


  3. Yeah, I like those. Might have to steal the idea ;)


  4. Very simple, very effective, very nice.


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