Monday 7 October 2013

6mm Mosque and Grain Store

These two great little models are by Leven Miniatures and are part of their 6mm Middle East range of buildings. The Mosque comes with a seperate square minaret which gives this building a bit of flexibility. These are cast in ivory polyester resin which means the finished models are rebust but with fine detail. As with all resin they need to be lightly scrubbed in a soapy solution to clean the surfaces of any mould release residue. Once cleaned they are easy to paint and unlike some resin buildings I have encountered, this material doesn't soak up paint like a sponge. 


  1. Those buildings are really quite nice. The painted hi-lights have come out well.

    I should be at SELWG so no doubt chat then.

  2. Considering the tiny scale they came out damn nice.

  3. I really like what you have done with these. They look good enough to have been a larger scale!



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