Friday 28 June 2013

Bovington here I come!

I'm heading down to Dorset and the Tank Museum this weekend with my brother-in-law Raymond to attend Tankfest 2013. We've both been here many times over the years but this is only my second Tankfest and I'm really looking forward to it. This years show will once again feature lots of rare tanks powering around the arena and it goes without saying that I'll be shooting a lot of pictures!

Tankfest 2010 - T34-85

The Tank line-up this year features several tanks I have seen before but also a few I haven't including; the Matilda I; Valentine; Stuart; Panzer III; Tiger 1; Comet; Centurion (x3); Chieftain (x3); Khalid; Challenger 1; Leopard 1 (x3); Panzer 61; M60 (x2); Type 59; Challenger 2; and the replica Mk IV and A7V. There will also be a selection of Recce, carriers and support vehicles on display including 432 (x4), M 548 (x4), Snow Cat, Cougar, Lynx, Scorpion (x2), Tracked Rapier, YP 408, Urutu, Rolls Royce Armoured Car (x2), OT 90, BRDM 1, BRDM2, BTR 60, ACRV, Kettenkrad, Half Track and PaK 88, ACAVP, Warthog, Panther, Warrior, CRARV.

Tankfest 2010 - PzKpfw III

The gates open at 9am and we hope to be there about then (we are leaving at 5am!) but the first display I definitely want to see is at 12:00 when the replica WWI tanks with two real Rolls Royce Armoured Cars will be in the arena. Then in the afternoon at about 2:15pm there is the WWII display which is another on my hit list. There's plenty more going on in the arena throughout the day but I want to get around all the traders, the living history displays and the Museum itself in between these shows. 

Tankfest 2010 - Valentine

Thankfully I have two days to see everything but by the time we get home late on Sunday evening I expect I'll be good-for-nothing for a few days. Pity I have to be back at work on the Monday! I'll try and get some pictures up during the weekend if I can but failing that as soon as possible afterwards. 

Tankfest 2010 - Leopard


  1. I hate you, Lee. You always hang around where the cool kids are! Could you do me a bit of a favor and make sure you let me know how you felt about the mobility of WW1 and interwar vehicles compared to modern?
    You have already offered to take a lot of pictures, so all I need you to do is show them!

    Have fun!

  2. While I'm there at the weekend I should have plenty of time to look around the museum in between the displays. I've 'done' it all before and must have taken thousands of pictures over the years, but whenever I go back I usually focus on one particular group of vehicles for an in depth review. On previous visits I've focused on tanks from the Normandy Campaign, Armoured vehicles from Afghanistan, and early WWI tanks. Unsurprisingly this visit I'm going to focus on vehicles from the North Africa campaign, especially any Italian tanks which I'm pretty sure I haven't photographed before.

    Sorry to rub it in, but I'm really really looking forward to this trip!

    1. Looking for pictures of any modern US or Russian stuff Lee!

    2. I'll see what I can find... They have a lot in storage but the new 'Conservation centre' should be open in September and they will be able to get another 150 vehicles on display that currently are not on view. Their collection is truly impressive.

    3. If you are taking requests anything Arab Israeli would be appreciated........ Yom Kippur 1973 for choice, but anything would be good! Cheeky I know but don't ask don't get!

  3. Lucky b****d!!! :-)
    Hope you enjoy the show and I'll be eagerly waiting for those photos

  4. I envy you...
    Have a good time! :)

  5. Oh lucky you!

    I'd wish there would be events like this over here in Germany, but .. there was that "incident" about 70 years ago wich prevents us from ever being able to say something like "tanks are great" in public.

  6. I went to Bovington before son was less enthusiastic than I

  7. "...but this is only my second Tankfest...." Argh!
    I am soooo envious. Bovington is high up on my wish list, and Tankfest... droool
    I expect a ton of pics!
    You lucky b*****d!

  8. Enjoy ! Wish I was there as well !


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