Tuesday 18 June 2013

Airfix Magazine Guide - 8th Army in the Desert

When I was at the Military Vehicle Day at Duxford on Sunday I bought several relatively low priced books. One of my best purchases was an old Airfix Magazine Guide about the 8th Army in the Desert. Written by John Sanders and first published in 1976 this copy is in excellent condition with just a slight fading of the colour on the spine of the book. I've seen this on sale before with prices ranging from relatively low up to about £20, I bought mine for a mere three quid and I'm really chuffed with it. 

These guides were aimed specially at the needs of modellers and wargamers and I suspect that most old Grognards have at least one book from the series in their collection somewhere. Despite its age I can't fault the book for its contents, which seem quite detailed in a concise sort of way. Within its hard backed 64 pages there are ten chapters and dozens of B&W line drawings and photo's, every one of value to the modeller and wargamer. 

Ch. 1 - The Campaign
Ch. 2 - Organisation and Signals
Ch. 3 - Tactics
Ch. 4 - Armour
Ch. 5 - Infantry
Ch. 6 - Artillery and engineers
Ch. 7 - Lines of communication
Ch. 8 - Dress
Ch. 9 - Camouflage and Markings
Ch.10 - Modelling

This really is an excellent little resource and definitely worthy of a place on my list of books that I think are essential reading for anyone that wants to recreate the North Africa Campaign on the tabletop.


  1. These are great little books. I don't think there is a bad one in the whole series.

    My only problem is that over the years I have bought them, sold, them even given them away. Now I wish I had picked up the whole series.


  2. A classic book, sounds a bargain

  3. £3 is a bargain. Very good find. This range of books has a place in my heart as I wanted them so much when I was a youngster!. I have thought of collecting them and maybe in the future I will, but the truth is I know I will not!

  4. You need all the help you can get mate:P


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