Saturday 1 September 2012

The DDD's play Tigris & Euphrates

By Gygax beard, The Delvers have actually had a game! We have had a very flaky schedule this summer with lots of cancellations due to holidays, work commitments and just plain old bad luck. Our ongoing D&D 4e campaign has died a death and nobody is sure if we will resurrect it. On the other hand we have played a wide range of alternative games - having a  blast in the process - and last night was no exception.

So three of the DDD's got together after yet another long break between meetings and yet again lacking the Evil GM and his campaign. So we pulled out a variety of card and boardgames ahead of our gathering and chose Tigris & Euphrates, a game we have not played before, as our game of choice for the evening.

With three players the board soon gets 'busy' as each Kingdom grows

The game has up to four players each trying to build and control their own kingdoms by the placing of tiles. The aim of the game is to have the most balanced Kingdom and uses a variety of card tiles and wooden counters to control the game. The tiles represent farming, trading, religion, and government and players collect victory points in these same categories. The winner is determined at the end of the game by counting  the number of points in your weakest category, which encourages players not to get overly specialized. 

The tiles and counters are very good quality with good artwork on them. 
We all enjoyed this game which lasted about two hours. I think now that we have had a chance to try out the rules we would certainly give it another go. Of course next time I would endeavour not to make the same mistakes again and end up last last last. Did I mention I came last? Hmmm... But a game is a game and this was far better than cancelling yet another meeting of the DDD's. 


  1. I love this game. It was a little difficult to wrap my head around at first, but is worth it. There is also a very good version for both the iPhone and iPad, if you have them.

  2. I have the IPad version but have not tried it. I will take a look after reading your blog entry

  3. I have the original German version (the components of yours look s at least equal to it) and have enjoyed playing it and must pull it again sometime. Multiple playings gets your head around it better and the game is better for that.


  4. Yeh I'd 'got it' by the end of the game but it was the opening moves that done for me. I positioned myself wrong and opened myself to an attack early in the game. Basically i had to start from scratch about half way through the game and although I build a balanced Kingdom after that it was too little too late. I'd defiantly like to have another go though... if only for the chance of revenge!


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