Tuesday 18 August 2009

Sherman's & Destroyed Buildings

I finally finished two small projects for my growing 15mm WWII collection for the Flames of War game. The first is a unit of Sherman's. These resin miniatures came with the Open Fire boxed set and were fairly easy to paint. All the painted armour is in Brown Violet (Vallejo 887) with the tracks picked out in Gunmetal. After the details (such as crates and baggage) were painted the whole model was given a light dusting of dirty brown.
The Decals were the hardest part as they were very small and delicate.
I also painted several destroyed buildings. I bought these resin miniatures at the Redoubt show a few weeks ago and was able to make six buildings with the parts I got.
I glued the resin pieces to some plasticard and then glued sand/gravel to the inside floor areas.
I then undercoated in my customary black. All the brickwork was painted using drybrushed terracotta (Game Colour 65) and Gory Red (Game Colour 11) with a final brush of Dark Flesh tone (8). Inside the buildings the broken plasterwork was picked out using Bone White (Game Colour 34) Elf Skin tone (Game Colour 4). Again a light dusting of Dirty Brown helped give a weathered look. I also found some Nazi Propaganda posters on the Internet which I downloaded and reduced to a suitable size for 15mm. These were fixed using simple white glue and then outlined in dark ink.
The final stages on both Tanks and Buildings was two coats of Vallejo Gloss and a final coat of Testors Dullcoat to give a flat finish.
I'm quite happy with how these turned out and now all I need to do is "arm twist" a friend to play against me!

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