Monday 17 August 2009

Painting rubble

Its been a busy weekend, hence the vacant post yesterday...

On Saturday my wife & I had a pleasant day 'book shopping' in Rochester (Kent). It was our 17th wedding anniversary and decided to treat ourselves to a day out without the kids. Bliss. I love my kids but you just can't go book shopping with young children. We both picked up a few bargains, mine included a history of the German Panzer division Das Reich and its infamous march across France to meet the allied invasion after D-Day.

Yesterday we took things easy in the garden and I used the opportunity to get a lot of painting done. I was finishing off a couple of painting projects including a set of resin Sherman Tanks that I got with the Open Fire boxed set of FoW rules. I also worked on some destroyed buildings I bought at To the Redoubt. I got as far as the first Varnish but still need to apply a coat of Dullcoat (Testers) and then a little flock/grass to finish off. Once done I'll photograph and post the pictures on the blog.

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