Monday 26 February 2024

General George S Patton

The painting Mojo has been a bit limited recently, and it's entirely my own fault. I’ve managed to pile project on top of project until finding time to paint has become a bit limited. That is not necessarily a negative, because I have played far more games - both in person and remotely via Zoom - than I usually would. And I have been working on my YouTube channel and writing some articles, so it's not like I have been idle. Add on top of this a work schedule that has doubled my workload and finding time to even think about painting has been difficult.

I have been trying to work my way through the Challenge Library but have reached an impasse. Eventually, I decided to do the ‘Statue of Someone Famous’ and I found this model of General Patton, but I didn’t want to just paint it as bronze or stone. So my ‘Statue’ is one of two options: either a waxwork statue of the man, or my 28mm model is in effect a miniature statue?? Ok, I’m stretching the definition for this section but you get where I am coming from.

General Patton is one of those characters who seem to stride across the pages of the history books. He certainly had a talent for war and an ego to match, so powerful that it easily reached across the intervening 79 years since his death. Reading anything about this man's life and ambitions one has to ask how different the world would have been had he lived?


  1. Scheduling anything for hobby is a tricky thing, at the moment things for me are a bit haywire. Things are changing fast and our hobby is a flexible multifaceted thing and sometimes we forget to embrace the butterfly. Figure looks good btw.

  2. Must have been some fight for him to get two blackeyes, Lee! Overall, a nice job. I like the jacket colour


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