Sunday 12 November 2023

Are you a Grognard? Or a Beer and Pretzels type of gamer?

Are you a Grognard? Or a Beer and Pretzels type of gamer? Many wargamers would probably describe themselves, in a slightly self-deprecating tone, as a Grognard. But maybe you also enjoy newer, simpler, fast-play rules? I quickly look at the definitions of these two wargame archetypes and ask, do we need to pick just one? 


  1. The whole grognard/B&P gamer thing is just a way of generating conversation (no bad thing - have to talk about something in the pub) rather than a very useful metric. I'm with you... it depends on the game, the day (my mood), the subject, the time available ... both styles can be successful good games, both can be less so.

  2. Rather like your good self Lee, I have a foot in both camps. I certainly want rules that I feel reflect the period and reward proper tactics etc, but I also want my games to be fun and not too serious. Fortunately my gaming chums are of the same mindset, so we play rules we like for the aforementioned reasons and enjoy the game for its own sake, with winning the cherry on the cake, but we all would much rather have a fun game and lose rather than win at all costs.


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