Sunday 1 October 2023

Wargamer Wellbeing

The mental health benefits of our hobby are well documented, often discussed but rarely seen until they are taken away by illness or prolonged hobby furlough. 

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  1. Hope your leg continues to improve … but of course, slowly does it is the motto!

    I had a similar thing with the leg calf and in the end the continued use of high dose antibiotics were doing their own damage and I had to be taken off them!

    As for hobby health - my increasing limitation is a painful back and this has reduced the length of time that I can stand at a table - so a real world solution is a) to go for shorter games and b) to raise my table to 40” high, to reduce the effect of bending into the table - both are working for me. But as you say, the real value of being able to do something is often only appreciated when it is taken away.


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