Sunday 30 July 2023

The History Hook: What inspired you to play a particular period?

What hooked you into playing a particular historical period? Was it a great movie, an inspiring history book, or a really good museum? Was there a particular story or item that grabbed your attention and left an impression on you that only wargaming could satisfy?


  1. Maybe you missed my works from WSS’ The Great Wargaming Survey on a similar topic. These are results from the 2021 survey.

  2. For me it was combo of Dad being in BAOR (we lived in W.Germany for a spell) and numerous war movies along with the availability and affordability of Airfix figures and kits.

  3. Most of my inspiration for wargaming has come from what I studied at uni and what I taught at school. Basically the stuff that I knew about in some depth. More broadly, like Sgt, airfix, war movies and a Dad who was a WW2 veteran.


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