Sunday 12 February 2023

Wargaming Modern Warfare: How soon is 'too soon'?

How soon after a conflict has ended, is it ok to wargame that period?  How soon is 'too soon'? This question discusses the ethics of making a game out of recent (or even ongoing) conflicts. Not discussed in the video (but encouraged in the discussion) is the question of whether the boundaries of what is acceptable are different for tabletop wargames versus computer wargames? I would also love to hear the perspective of Veterans of recent wars who wargame the period they fought in.


  1. Featherstone was happy to wargame his conflict (ww2).. for me the issue is not the age of the conflict but the type of conflict.. I wouldn't game Kosovo or Northern Ireland for example.. just me..

  2. Who would want to play the Russians in Ukraine?


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