Tuesday 21 June 2022

To the Last Bullet: A French Colonial MWWBK Battle Report

Last weekend I had a bit of time to get in a quick game of The Men Who Would Be Kings using my 15mm French Foreign Legion stuff. I've been working on this since Christmas with the end target being the Broadside wargames show which took place a few weeks ago. But with my Beau Hunks demo game done and out of the way I thought it was time I had a play with my toys! Aside from a little bit of playtesting before the show, I haven't had a chance to use these figures myself so this weekend I decided to rectify that with a solo game.  

This is a long video by my standards and is most definitely not a quick-strike ARR. Because this isn't a historical battle (one of the criteria of the LWTV quick-strike format) I decided to just film the game and see how short I could make a long video! Just under an hour is the answer.

Although I didn't stop to take pictures during the game, I was able to extract some stills from the video so here are a few shots of the game in progress. 


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    1. Thanks Ray...mind you, you have seen these first hand!

  2. First, your table looks fab. I was surprised to see that there are a number of differences between how MWWBK and Rebels & Patriots work. While I prefer the written for such things, I enjoyed watching your replay video. Your presentation is a good way for others to see how the rules work.

    Nice job!

    1. Thank you Johnathan. I wanted to do a more concise video, but I have had plenty of people asking for longer batreps as well so clearly there is a 'market' for both. I will be playing more with these miniatures, and I have some new figures on order so I can add some Algerian Tirailleur's into the mix.


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