Sunday 8 August 2021

Support your Friendly Local Game Store

I've spoken before about supporting our hobby by buying online but now that the shops are open, I think it's also important to support your local game store in person. If you are lucky enough to have an independent games shop near you, look after it! They are a dying breed and need your support.

I'd love to hear from you if you have a favourite local game store that deserves a shout-out. Please leave your recommendations in the comments below or on my channel Miniature Adventures

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  1. My FLGS started charging $10 to walk into their game room. They have card tournaments that they were already charging fees to participate but the new thing is $10 fee just to walk into the game room. We used to run historical mini games there every Sunday but no one wants to pay the $10 or listen to others moan about it, so games have been at various houses. This means the RPG groups, the pickup warhammer et al gamers, the board game players, even the folks that used to just browse. Nope, requires $10 a head now. To be fair the store does convert the $10 into store credit so it's a wash if you're buying stuff. But there is also the principal of the thing. The store is doing well, they always have 3-4 people working. it's their business and they can do as they please, but so can I. I'm not aware of any stores charging "per head" (I know of one that charges "per table"), how do others do it if not 'free'?


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