Sunday 25 July 2021

Wargamers do it in inches

Why do Wargamers cling to the use of Inches to measure movement and range? Many rues systems now use metric measurement but for some, this is heresy and has no place on the games table. I on the other hand will switch between Imperial and Metric measurement as the need arises depending on the scale of figures I am using and the size of the table on which I will be playing.

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  1. Funnily enough in my new set of WW2 rules I have put in a bit in the text about as a fast conversion from the larger scales to smaller ones about using the same numbers but calling them centimetres rather than inches,

  2. For most wargames, centimetres are too small, metres are too big. Inches and feet are just right.

  3. My games all use inches for the simple reason is that what I've grown up using, and thus it is easier for me to think in those terms.

  4. Just look at the bases of the miniatures, 28-25 mm, they are generaly 1 Inch, and when you look at gridded playmats, a square is 1 inch.
    I'm french but i'm so used to play in "pace" (the french version of inches to accomodate blunt french people in the 90's) that i'm still keeping it for 25-28mm figure BUT for smaller sizes i'm all cm (better suited).

  5. It doesn’t matter at all. Since in wargaming we only ever use lengths (and not weights or areas or force, and certainly not in more than one degree of magnitude), you can use whatever invented distance measurement you want. Since many wargaming rules use deduction for movement (half movement, quarter, … for terrain or other situations), I would even say a finer granular scale such as cm is better since you can keep using whole numbers.

  6. Being of an age when Imperial measures were the norm Lee Ive always thought in feet and inches. Featherstone would turn in his grave should we only use those foreign measurements. Whats wrong with furlongs,chains and fathoms?


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