Sunday 28 June 2020

Swearing at the Games Table

When if ever is it appropriate to swear around the games table? In the latest episode of The Quarantined Wargamer, I discuss this controversial subject with the minimal use of expletives! The use of swear words depends on the setting in which it is used, who is listening and the context or intention of the language. Our reaction to certain words is much about emotional conditioning at an early age as it is about societal rules of correct behaviour. I try to explain this conditioning, recognise when it can be broken and suggest some alternatives. 

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  1. It all depends on the audience.
    I must confess to turning the air Blue once. Reached for a Sherman and the aerial went right up under my fingernail.

    1. Done similar with some Cossack's with pins for lances. Put my arm out to move a unit and realise I had a unit of a dozen lancers dangling from my forearm. I bled like a stuck pig and I think my companions forgave my appropriately colourful language!

  2. Great post Lee but you're still a dirty Whooperup!


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