Thursday 18 January 2018

Zulu Nokenke Regiment

Another Zulu regiment is completed, and this time its the Nokenke Regiment. This regiment fought on the right horn at Isandlwana and after working its way around the British camp eventually joined up with the iGobamakhosi Regiment, sealing the fate of the invaders. The Nokenke we also fought at Khambula later in the year.

Nokenke Regiment


From behind showing the base labels

Close-up showing the shields

I have also turned out some command stands and some Zulu riflemen units. These are small units with very limited firepower and accuracy...but they can still be a nuisance and a poorly aimed bullet can kill just as easily as an aimed one if it hits a target.

Zulu Commanders

Command stands close-up

Rifle skirmishers amongst the rocks


I've been a very busy boy this week with the Nokenke regiment consisting 192 figures, there are 32 Command figures and 48 riflemen making a total of 272 figures fora respectable 136 Points. I'm racing towards my target and this should take me well past my half way mark, significantly ahead of schedule. I have one more Zulu regiment to paint and them I'll get started on the British.

My progress this week

As a final 'treat' here's a picture of my Zulu Impi thus far.

My Zulu Impi thus far


  1. I really appreciate the regiment. I know how much ones eyes bleed painting Zulu's
    Seriously mate very good indeed.

  2. So When do me see Isandlwana Hill?


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