Tuesday 5 December 2017

Successes and Failures

The build up to Christmas in the Hadley Household is progressing well this year and for a change we are ahead of schedule and actually feeling rather relaxed in the final weeks before the holiday. Of course what I'm not telling the Mistress of the House is that I'm making an effort to be organised so I have plenty of time to get my Painting Challenge off to a good start. To that end I have been buying the last few items of supplies, and a few more models, before the December 20th kick off. I have even been able to combine Christmas activities with painting prep and though I may fool myself into thinking the wife doesn't see my ulterior motive, she probably does and is letting me get away with it non-the-less. 

So over the weekend I took the family to Rochester to visit the Christmas market. It was a great event and definitely something we will do again next year...especially as I was able to nip round to Rochester Games and pick up some model supplies. I came away with several bags of basing materials, some much needed paint and a couple of figures for the challenge Bonus Rounds. I was also able to pop into the excellent Baggins Book Bazzar and pick up an old Airfix Guide that was missing from my collection. All in all a very successful day out.  

Unfortunately I can't be as upbeat about everything this week because yet again Royal Mail have proven themselves utterly rubbish at delivering parcels. Maybe a little controversial but non the less true. As a wargamer I do a lot of shopping online and I have made a lot of purchases in the run-up to the Painting Challenge which starts in a couple of weeks time. And as a family we have increasingly done most of our Christmas shopping online as well. This year we have bought almost all our presents online and to the credit of retailers we haven't had any problems with the goods delivered or the service received. Nearly all the parcels we have arrived via a range of courier firms and without exception all have been delivered on time and in good condition. We get on well with our neighbours and between us we often take in parcels for each other and so we have had in excess of 20 deliveries that have proceeded without a hitch. 

Related imageFour parcels however were sent via Royal Mails parcel service and every delivery has been shoddy at best. One parcel was thrown over the garden fence; One was left behind the bin in our front yard; one was returned to the dept for us to collect, despite the fact I was home when the delivery supposedly took place; and the third was also returned to the depot but no card was left to tell us and I only found out when I went to collect the other parcel. Royal Mail have reached such a level of ineptitude that I actually factor in the delivery method when making purchases and I am willing to pay more for a proper courier instead of Royal Mail if the choice is available.

Ok, rant over. I'd better crack on and get some more Zulu's undercoated! 


  1. Glad you picked up the wargames rules from Airfix. I have wanted a look at them all my life and am sure I will now be very disappointed if I ever do get to see them.

    With reference to Royal mail. Don't forget there will be many temps working for them this time of year. Not that that is an excuse at all but if you know your regular postman (ours is called Andy) these problems just seem to disappear.

    1. The book contains a chapter that discusses the Wargames Research Groups ancient rules but it doesn't go into detail (ie these arn't the rules). The books focuses more on collecting and building armies for this broad period and how to use them. There's an interesting chapter on tactics that I'm looking forward to reading.

    2. We have similar issues here, although it varies. There are two regular mail people; one is great, the other, less so. I can't decide if it's a systemic thing, or just bad staff.

  2. I have to laugh at your post. Like you we do most of our shopping on line and combined with the Painting Challenge build up, a lot of parcels are being delivered. I never worry if it is Fedex, DHL or UPS. I always get a text to say the package is delivered and it is all good. With USPS however we only get half our packages, they get lost or I get a text saying they are undeliverable and I have to trek down to the post office and find the parcel. I wish I could factor in the delivery method but I find more and more it is unclear who is actually unclear, especially with Amazon, who is going to do the delivery at the time of order.

  3. Oh how I loved the Aifix wargaming books.
    On the subject of post. DHL!!! They were supposed to deliver a parcel yesterday but turned up today and even though we have specifically stated they can give up any DHL packages to our neighbours (who are virtually always there and they were today) the little(expletive beggining with F) DHL ratkins left a note saying it was on the way to the post Office and can be retrieved tommorrow. I Need the Thing tommorow and as it´s work related and won´t be able to go to the local post office as I´ll be at work so it´s no (expletive beggining with F) good to man nor beast anymore so will have to be sent back..milage/Petrol/time etc wasted!
    Worse is when they bring something that has to be handed to an 18 + year old (the Series spartacus, before any assumtions are made) and even though I´m stood there with Grey hair and obviously a tinsy bit older than 18, they insist on ID as proof I´m over 18!!!! Tossers...

  4. Purple primer - great little book.

    As for couriers - give me Canada Post any day over private companies for foreign deliveries. They may get you the package on time but the couriers will hold it hostage for exorbitant customs agent fees - on top of the duty of course.


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