Wednesday 8 November 2017

The Challenge Prep Begins

The long process of Prep'ing for the Analogue Challenge has begun, and I thought I'd start with a little something to get Ray's blood pumping! I bought these Martian Tripods earlier in the year from Pendraken when I briefly flirted with the idea of doing the Anglo Martian War of 1895 in 6mm. Ironically it was the asymmetric nature of the struggle that eventually put me off pursuing the idea. I say ironically because I eventually decided to do the Anglo Zulu War instead, another asymmetric conflict from a few years earlier and one that probably inspired H.G. Wells to write his most famous work. 

I'm waiting for some large round bases for the Tripods then I'll undercoat them ready for the Challenge. Although I have pinned all the legs they still feel too fragile not to base these models to dd some extra rigidity. No idea if these will ever end up on the games table but I'm looking forward to painting them non-the-less.  

This 'Guide' to the Anglo Martian War of 1895 is an excellent companion
to the H.G.Wells Novel.


  1. I am still debating IF I will take part this year. Maybe just in a minor way, not sure yet.

    This will surely get Rays toes curling. Personally I like the Idea, but each to their own. using them as 6mm figures and Not 10mm figures works out nicely. With luck you can play it at Broadside for us all to enjoy (as we watch Ray and Postie Squirm!)

  2. Looks very cool. I've just started prepping myself - lots of pirates this year

  3. Martians? Tripods? VSF? I'm sure this post will have Ray breaking out in hives! ;)

    Looking forward to seeing these and everything else you paint up during this year's Challenge :)

  4. Looks really excellent, Lee!! I can almost hear Richard Burton's voice on my (slightly scratched old record for the soundtrack)....

  5. Maybe an accompanying Thunder-Child is called for...? I'll be looking forward to seeing these painted up!

  6. Time to throw the Jeff Wayne CD into the jukebox by the sounds of it. Nice!


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