Saturday 12 August 2017

Brace yourself Crete, the Hadley's are coming!

Big Lee's Miniature Adventures will be going quiet for a couple of weeks because my Family and I will be jetting off to Crete later today. This will be our first foreign holiday for many many years and we are all looking forward to it. Its also the wife and I's 25th Wedding Anniversary in a few days, which is why we are pushing the boat out a bit with our summer holiday this year. 

Sun, sea and museums (don't tell the kids!)
We plan on doing a lot of the usual sightseeing and swimming but I also have a couple of museums on my hit list so expect me to come home with plenty of pictures to share. I promise there will be no photo's of me wearing budgie smugglers around the pool... the thought even makes me shudder.  


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