Monday 10 April 2017

A Holiday for Planning and Scheming

The family and I are heading down to the south coast today for a short holiday. Its only a week, up to Easter and my Birthday next weekend. Holidays in the UK at this time of year are always a little hit or miss when it comes to the weather and the coming week looks just as variable as we have come to expect. However a week away from home always recharges the batteries and we are all looking forward to relaxing for a few days. I'll be bringing my laptop and some games so it won't be week devoid of wargames that's for sure.

As usual we will be exploring the local area and everyone will have a chance to pick something they want to do. RAF Tangmere is quite near where we are staying and is definitely in my sights for a day trip. We have also discussed a trip along the coast to Portsmouth and one of the many museums there. Rest assured there will be pictures! I probably won't be writing long wordy articles over the next few days but I may post the odd photo from my travels so keep your eyes posted. 

The main thing I am going to be doing - if I find the time!- is some planning for my next big project. I'm not 100% committed at this stage so I won't give away any details just yet, but if I go ahead with it my 6mm collection will be taken in very different direction. I've bought a couple of books and done some preliminary research but now I need to hit the reference material and work out exactly what I want to do and what I would need to buy. With Salute on the horizon I have the perfect opportunity to kick start any new project. I won't be dropping my existing projects so expect to see plenty more 6mm WWII and Punic war stuff in the future.

See you all in a week (or two, if your going to Salute). 


  1. Highly recommend the submarine museum in gosport.

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