Saturday 24 September 2016

Wargamer vs The Elements: A Battle Report

It was a sunny Saturday morning in 2016 and the weary wargamer (me) had been hatching a plan. I had all the raw materials for some terrain work and now saw an opportunity to forego the housework in favour of some groundwork. My felt gaming mat and some styrene hills were going to get a desert makeover and today the weather looked bright and dry enough for the repainting to take place out in the garden. 

Thus was set the scene for an epic struggle between the time starved wargamer and the elements. 

Order of Battle
One wargamer (wielding three cans of spray paint)


A Gentle Breeze (that might as well have been force 9 for the destruction it wrought)

The Action
I used car spray paint for this project, selecting three beige colours that would compliment the sand colour of my felt game mat. I started with the darkest colour and worked my way through to the lightest until I was happy with the result. I also painted my collection of Styrene hills from TSS in the same style. 

Needless to say using spray paints inside the house would have brought down the deserved wrath of my wife, so I decided to spray the mat and my styrene hills out in the garden. However the supposedly 'gentle' breeze played havoc with my plans. 

And wind blow leaves and sycamore seeds didn't help either.

My plain sand coloured felt mat is ideal for draping over my small games table or laying out on larger ones, but was rather plain so it needed a little bit of a makeover. The finished effect is better seen indoors but this is what it looked like when I had finished. 
Exhausted victory! 
I need a man cave, preferably shed shaped. 


  1. It is funny when a man buys a house with his wife he gets to keep all the parts of the house which are not actually the house, The shed, the garage, the basement, the Attic. But no part of the main house.

    get a shed and enjoy it mate.

  2. I'm currently procrastinating on spray Nader outing some miniatures for Zomtober - a breezy day in a courtyard garden with the washing out statistically is unlikely to work out well for me...

  3. If you can afford a shed, go rent out a Storage shed.i have had a few mates do this because they had nowhere to game at. They didnt like the local shop because you cant smoke, Drink beer and cuss and also if you wanted to play ate nite games also.

  4. Been there, done that. Man-cave indispensable...but still don't spray in it unless you have a sunroof. Sunny day? Check! Dry? Check! Organised paint and target? Check! Secured target to solid mount/pinned down?...oops.

  5. Know the feeling mate - was going to do a spot of spray undercoating today but now it's raining. Good thing I bought some brush-on primer as backup!

  6. Great After Action report Lee. Hard fought but victory in the end. Cheers :)


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