Monday 13 June 2016

Broadside 2016 Photo Report

Posties Rejects gathered in Sittingbourne on Sunday for the Broadside wargames show. Attending this event and putting on a Demo game has become something of a tradition for us and this was our fifth year at this event. The show seemed a lot busier this year and the hall was tightly packed with traders and demo games. We certainly felt very busy this year with a continuous stream of interested visitors asking questions and stopping for a chat.

The game Teviot's Last Stand was based on the Battle of Tangier (1664) in which the Governor of English Tangier (Andrew Rutherford, 1st Earl of Teviot) and most of his 500 man detachment from the Garrison were killed. They had ventured out to forage for supplies and building materials when they had encountered a force of 3000 Moroccan warriors. After a brief fight the British pursued the Moors straight into the jaws of a prepared trap. Teviot rallied his troops on Jews Hill but now surrounded by as many as 11000 enemy the British stood little chance.

About 8:30am and starting the set up the game

The British troops in position and about to spring the trap they have walked straight into. 

Plenty of Rejects (and a couple of mini-rejects) manning the game. From left to right, Ray, Postie, John, Richard, Ian and Dave. 

Ray used the Donnybrook rules for this game and despite the fact that most of us had never played we managed quite well. Here the Moors begin to advance towards the British.

One of my Musket regiments positioned themselves on the ridge and did a lot of damage to the Moors as the game progressed. They saw off repeated charges and dealt out a lot of damage with their muskets. 

The Moorish trap begins to close on the British who have occupies the edges of Jews Hill

The hill is now completely surrounded and the British are starting to loose men, a few at a time but every loss counts. 

The British perimeter starts to be breached.

The game is building to its bloody climax

The end was never in doubt but the British have held on a lot longer than expected and game the Moors a tough fight.

When we set up at the beginning of the day we honestly didn't expect the game to last more than a few hours and anticipated 'swapping ends' and playing the game again in the afternoon. As it was the British players (me and John) held on all day and gave the Moors a tough fight. Overall it was an enjoyable game, very visual and certainly a talking point for many of the visitors that passed by our table.

Elsewhere in the hall the show seemed very busy. I only had a few short breaks to get around and look at the other games, so I only took a handful of pictures. Here's a selection of what I took.

Overview from the balcony. There wasn't a lot of space left with every inch of floorspace being used. 
For my money one of the best games at this years show.  A WWII 20mm game set in the Philippines. 

Simon Millers To the Strongest adapted for a Fantasy setting...and the Big Red Bat also made an appearance. 

A bit of 28mm Sci-Fi from the Friday Night Fight Club.

A massive X-Wing game looking amazing. 

Skirmish Wargames with some stop-motion mythology 
I didn't get many more pictures because there was so little time. In fact I didn't even have much time for shopping we were so busy. This show continues to develop and felt very well attended and supported this year. We already look forward to next year and it looks like I have been nominated to put together a demo game for the Rejects in 2017. Postie may think better of that idea when he comes to his scenes, but just in case he doesn't I think it may be time for those 6mm LRDG desert raiders to see the light of day at last! 


  1. Nice one mate. I also Voted for the Philippines Prison Rescue Game, and it did win best game in show.
    Can you please mention in the title their may be a picture of Ray wearing shorts, as many people will be shocked and disturbed by such a sight! And will need time to prepare and fortify themselves, because once it is seen you cannot un see it!

  2. Great pics Lee, glad you enjoyed the game! I did.

  3. Great pics Lee, glad you enjoyed the game! I did.

  4. Great to see you all. A different kind of game that looked great.


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