Wednesday 20 January 2016

Mr First Challenge Submission - SAS Jeeps

Yesterday I submitted my first figures (see the post here) in the 6th Analogue Painting Challenge... a whopping 7 Points worth! Not only am I a late entrant to the Challenge I then went away for the weekend and lost two more days of painting before my Tuesday submission deadline. I therefore chose to get a quick and easy job finished first, just to get me off the dreaded nil-points.

Although I have been painting 2nd Punic War figures lately I haven't given up on my WW2 North Africa stuff. The latest addition to my Desert Raiders collection are three SAS Raiding Jeeps, laden down with provisions, water, food, ammunition and some very determined and daring soldiers. 

These vehicles have been modeled with dust clouds billowing out behind them. I'm guessing they have just hit a German or Italian airfield and are now racing hell-for-leather away into the night before they can be pursued. One of the best known raids by the SAS was their attack on the Fuka Airfield in July 1942. Guided by the LRDG they arrived hundreds of miles behind enemy lines and caught the German Airfield completely by surprise, destroying 30 aircraft before escaping into the night.

I have some more desert stuff to do soon, but I also have a load more Punic War infantry to paint, plus an eclectic collection of other items. Its gonna be a busy few months!


  1. Nice variance in colors. I particularly like how you picked out the head cloths of the drivers. That gives them a definite SAS look!

  2. Great painting Lee, keep up the most excellent work, you'll soon be in double figures!!!

  3. Well you are in the challenge and off of the matk. Very nice models.

  4. I am still always amazed that people can paint this small of a scale.. its beyond me.. great work Lee!


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