Tuesday 30 June 2015

Palm Trees

I bought a set of Palm Trees from Timecast while at Salute earlier in the year. I've used these before and know what good quality they are so I decided to get some more, but I have only just got round to doing something with them. I have mounted pairs of trees on small metal washers using Super Glue Gel and then adding base sand for extra weight to improve stability. The Trees are metal and remarkably resilient but needed a repaint after I had handled them a few times.

I'll use these as 'set dressing' for my Libyan town and desert layouts. At just £6.00 for eight trees they aren't prohibitively expensive so I'll probably buy a couple more packs and base them up the same way again. 


  1. The trees do look good. Better than mine but I did get mine from China at a fraction of the cost! So Quality pays in the end.

  2. Timecast trees are probably the best - but they do cost! Quality counts though. An oasis as a centre point with these lovely palm trees around them would look great.

  3. Very nice paintjob on those but has anyone noticed these upcoming rather nice new palm trees from Mark over at Unfeasibly Miniatures? Wouldn't have known of these but he has submitted the news, a while ago. You can check the post here if of interest to you: http://wargameterrain.blogspot.be/2015/06/unfeasibly-miniatures-upcoming-palm.html


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