Wednesday 12 November 2014

Luftwaffe Airfield Control Tower

This Luftwaffe Control Tower is a new release by Leven Miniatures and will make a nice addition to my 6mm Airfield collection for my Desert Raiders Project. I'm not sure of this type of tower would have been built on North African airfields but in lieu of a suitable alternative (or photographic evidence!) this will have to suffice.

I have seen lots of different ways of painting glass windows on various sites and I can't say I have any particular preference. I have opted for a dark grey as I think this accurately represents what can be seen from the outside looking in on unilluminated rooms. As a small concession to the fact that this is supposed to represent glass panes I have added a little highlight in the top right corner.

For the upper windows I have painted the glass blue as these large windows surround a single open-plan room with excellent natural illumination with 360° observation. Again I had added some shading in the form of shadows in the bottom corner and highlights in the upper corner. My colour choices are probably not everyone's cup-of-tea but I'm quite happy with the way this model turned out. 


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