Thursday 12 September 2013

Cluttered Workbench

It's been a while since I last posted pictures of a completed project....and today isn't going to be any different! My apparent inaction is partly due to having had a very busy, and very hot, summer. Like many other wargaming bloggers out there the hot evenings and the kids summer holidays just made getting anything completed really hard work. It also doesn't help that my current project (a whole Afrikakorp Motorised Infantry Company) is quite large and is therefore taking a long time to work through.

I am making a little progress each evening, and now that I have overcome the inertia I feel whenever starting something new, the project is moving along steadily if not rapidly. In fact I'm already looking ahead to the next project with several terrain building ideas floating around at the thinkin'bout it stage. My main objective however is to start planning and preparing to put a game on for the Rejects before the year is out. I haven't umpired for the group before and I have to admit its quite a daunting prospect! I certainly have my work cut out over the next few weeks. 


  1. My small workbech is a mixed blessing. I'm sure if it were bigger I'd just fill it up with even more stuff. At least with a small area I need to finish projects before moving on to the next.

  2. busy looking work bench good luck coming up with a game

  3. Old school I see... using a notebook.... that is soooooo 20th century

    1. Lol...damnm right! Mind you I have found myself using my tablet a lot when painting because its such a quick way to look stuff up. 15-30 seconds and I'm browsing on the tablet as opposed to 4-5 minutes with my ageing laptop. But if I find something useful I always put it down in my note book. Come the Zombie Apocolypse - when the power fails and the internet crashes - I'll still be able to paint the right colour Waffenfarbe on the sholders of my German troops! (Providing I have a candle to read by, obviously).

    2. My blog has become my notebook. Keeping tab on all the colours used was actually the reason I started it.

  4. Compact space but lots going on on it.

    Like the planes hiding in the corner



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