Saturday 2 June 2012

Jubilee's Old and New

As I'm sure many of you are aware, this weekend is the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. After 60 years as our Monarch I suppose I should say "God bless ya Mam" but I'm an Atheist and not much of a Royalist either. But I do like all the Pomp and Ceremony and if there's one thing we Brits do well (aside from moaning about the weather) its a bit of Pomp and Ceremony.

So in recognition of the celebration I thought I would post this embarrassing picture of me and my Sister, taken at the time of the Queens Silver Jubilee way back in 1977. This was our fancy dress outfit for a street party which by the looks of it was accompanied by typically British wet weather.

I'm not sure what plans we have for this extended holiday weekend but over the next few days it will be hard to visit anywhere and not encounter some sort of themed event or celebration. I doubt though if I will be wearing a costume this time around!


  1. In Canada we get a visit from Charles and Camilla to mark the occasion - I wonder if there are enough Royals to avoid any Commonwealth country feeling slighted.

  2. What a cracking photograph, you haven't changed a bit Lee! :)

  3. he he! Ears and flares, what a combination!!!! I'm sure I've got some suitable similar pic of myself from 77, I might....might dig mine out????

  4. I had a red tracksuit top like that in 1977 too! I had to go on a float dressed as a cowboy (for some reason). I'd love to see photos from then but I think my parents messy divorce led to the albums going on the fire :-(

    1. I reckon I wore that tracksuit for the whole of 1977 because it crops up in loads of photo's from around that time.

  5. More great pictures. I don't know if I've been to your blog before.

    Cheers and Happy Gaming :-)


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