Thursday 11 June 2009


Here are a few development pictures of my latest project, a Games Workshop Space Marine. I'm painting this as a display model and mostly for the nostalgia factor. I'm really enjoying this model, I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed painting space marines. Anywhere here are a few pictures of the early stages, from sprue, through assembly and on to the first basecoat.

I used basic liquid polystyrene cement to assemble the parts together and a cheap superglue gel to affix the model to the resin base. As this is destined to be a display model it won't get rough handling so I decided not going to bother with pinning the model to the base. The bond seems very strong so crossed fingers this was a good idea.
I'm painting this model in Ultramarine livery in homage to my first ever space marine painted years and years ago. My 'vision' for this model is definitely 'old school'.
I'm working on the first of the highlights at the moment and will finish off with some darker washes to tone down the final colour. I also need to add plenty of 'weathering' to give this model a battle hardened look. I'll post more pictures as this project develops.

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  1. Like the color you've achieved, nice and realistic! (y)


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