Tuesday 9 June 2009

New Poll - Where do you Game?

It's been a while since the last Poll closed and I never got round to starting a new one. So here's a new question for you.... Where do you game? Whether your a roleplayer, wargamer or a player of CCG's or Boardgames you need a venue to play at (assuming you don't play alone that is).
My own group, the Dagenham Dungeon Delvers, tend to meet mostly at my house. I have the space to fit all seven of us around a table for our ongoing D&D games. If the weather is good we may play at a friends house and sit in the garden annoying the wildlife with our exclamations of "Its a crit!" or "Huzzah!". But what about you? Wargames probably need more space than roleplaying games which need more space than CCG's or boardgames. Does the type of game you play determine where you play?


  1. Would gaming at a game shop count as "at a club?"

  2. A valid point... erm...

    I'd say yes. I'm interested in differentiating between stay-at-home gamers and those that use other premises/venues to play their chosen game. For instance GW players that regularly use their local shop to game at are (to all intents and purposes) part of a club.

  3. These days I play in cyberspace as the old gaming groups have spread across a continent.

    When last played a wargame, had a table set up in the 'spare' loungeroom out the front (i have a supportive chieftess). Previous locations tended to be back rooms, or even rooms out the back. FTF RPGs in kitchens on kitchen tables. Clubs only on special occasions.

  4. My group is steadily going that way too. We've lost two players that moved to other parts of the UK and found traveling to games impracticable.


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