Wednesday 17 June 2009

Tiger Tank at Odyssey

I'm about to start preparing some 15mm tanks for the Flames of War game and I got thinking about colour schemes and camouflage. I probably need to buy some new paints as most of my current collection of Vallejo colours is from the game colour range and designed with fantasy miniatures in mind. I've been making a short list of essential colours for German & US Armour and found this picture in my albums.
This Tiger Tank was at the Military Odyssey living history event last year. I'm not sure if this is an original tank - I had read that there were no working Tigers outside of a museum - but it certainly looked the part.


  1. I believe your right about the no working Tigers outside of a museum as I have read that as well ...

    Nice picture though. Welcome to the troops in my Lead, Paint and General blog !

  2. The tank in the pic is a mock up made from a post war Russian tank, as was used in the Saving Private Ryan movie.

    Early war german stuff was grey , but changed to Dark yellow later , Camo was done by the crew using green and brown over the original yellow.

    Since it was done by the crew , there are all sorts of interesting examples of camo schemes.

    I have heard that the germans were told not to camo the road wheels , as the rotation of the camo pattern attracted more attention.

    Lots of good books about this.

    US stuff was OD green, but there are a few different shades.

    Keep up the good work,

    John Dickerman
    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  3. The Tiger is built on the chassis of a T-54/55 MBT of the Soviet Union produced between 1948 - 1989 in the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact member nations.


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