Monday 29 April 2013

Tank's in the Post

Just a short post to say a big thank you to Phil at The Wargaming Site. I won myself some 6mm tanks for helping his Blog over the 1 million hits threshold a few weeks ago and they arrived on Friday. I was unreasonably happy when they arrived in the post at my office. I think my work colleges looked in my eyes and saw the shineybloodyitus up close and personal, because there was a slight look of panic on their faces as I showed them my tiny tanks!

My tiny tanks!
This wasn't the only prize I won in Phil's Million Hits giveaway. I also won a copy of the PC Game WWII Frontline Commander. However as I seem to have a host of things on my to-do list and a finite amount of time to complete them in I decided to pass the game onto someone else who can do the game justice. So my eldest daughter's boyfriend (a dedicated computer gamer) received the game, in return for a promise to play a real wargame, with miniatures and terrain rather than pixels and power-ups! It's all part of my cunning plan to wean the lad off of digital gaming and turn him into a proper Grognard before its too late. 


  1. Blackmail always seems to work!!!

  2. I'm getting the inklings of a urge to delve into 6mm WWII...... No,no,.... I shouldn't...Should I?

    1. Oh yes mate, definitely! If I have learned one thing since going over to 6mm it's that there are plenty of choices available and none of them will break the bank. I've generally been getting my vehicles and tanks from the likes of Skytrex (the range is now owned by Heroics and Ros another 6mm manufacturer) and infantry figures from GHQ. The vehicles are 1:300 and the infantry 1:285 but its not a noticeable difference on the table and the quality of the infantry figures more than makes up for any scale difference.

  3. Nice prizes Lee.

    Not sure that I approve of the blackmail though, but if it gains another convert/victim it might just be forgivable :)

  4. Congrats on the prizes!
    I've used hero quest and some massive prepaints to corrupt my kids, and my nieces and nephews. First to prevent damage to MY minions, but later as family fun.
    With the paper craft available, my kids are now building terrain. We are also preparing to go full steam into Napoleonic with the printable Waulkerloo army sets. So much easier on my wallet!

  5. Very nice of Phil. Those look great; and I'm surprised at the nice detail for such a tiny scale. Best, Dean


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