Tuesday 16 April 2013

Saluting Salute 2008

Another day, and another collection of pictures from a past Salute, this time the 2008 Show. As you can see, I encountered some 'Imperial' difficulties during the day but it was still a great show. The organisers managed to steer clear of controversy this year and most of the people I talked to thought the event was the best so far.

The last time I was told to get on my knees its didn't work out too well!
There were more traders and demos at this show and many stands started to make better use of the vertical space available to them with tall banners and flags. 
This convoy of Shermans was part of a large 'Hells Highway' (Market Garden) game on a very long table
There was also some larger scale armour present at the game. Unfortunately I wasn't able to sneak one of these out of the show in my rucksack! 
Battle chickens! Or something like that.
One of my favorite demo games was this arctic game based no doubt on the classic film Ice Station Zebra. 
The Fords of Isen was a 1/24th scale game run by the South London Warlords
The game used Toy figures to recreate this important side battle from the books.
There was also plenty of other 'historical' figures to be found at the show
There's nothing quite like a phalanx of charging elephants to make a hopolite reconsider his career options! 
The Doctor makes a visit to the show

Some of the terrain and buildings available to buy were eye-wateringly good but also very expensive. 
Japanese Warring States armies go head to head again
Tomorrow I'll be positing my pictures from the 2009 show.

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  1. I agree about the arctic war (weird war 2) game as well. It did look fabulous. And as for Japanese warring states.... wargames porn!


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