Friday 19 April 2013

Saluting Salute 2012

I missed the 2011 show because it fell during the Easter holiday and I had already committed to a family holiday (the sacrifices I make!). So today's review of past Salute's is last years show in 2012. In really struggled to get round this event in the time available. Partly this was because of the size of the show but also because I spent so much time meeting friends and chin-wagging! Not that that's a bad thing, but I really must rein it in a little this year. I was still buying stuff at ten past five as traders were trying to pack up and the stewards were ushering us out the exit!

I thought the standard of the display games this year went from "Impossibly Good" to "Gobsmakingly Awesome!". The Demo game eye candy is always one of the things I most like about Salute. But I have to say the Corunna table by the Essex Gamesters was amazing and a very worthy winner of Salute Challenge Shield. 

Deal Wargames - Invasion of Denmark
GLC Games - Battle of Sagrajas
Oshiro Model Terrain - Assault on New Victoria
Oshiro Model Terrain - Battle of Komagane
Herne Bay and Whitstable - Crush the Kaiser
Phoenix Game Club - Jason and the Argonauts
Ilford Wargamers - HMS Aeronautica-REX

Greek Phalanx by Ancient & Modern

Donnington 'New Era' - Agincourt

Maidstone Wargames Society - Operation Deadstick

Wargames Illustrated - Siege of Sevastopol

Victrix - Battle for La Vajol

Loughton Strike Force - Aspern Essling 1809

Loughton Strike Force - Aspern Essling 1809

Chemins de Feu - Slowing the Tide - Baltic War

Bob Cordery's Portable Wargame -Seven Weeks War 1866

Continental Wars Society - Swiss Civil War – Battle of Gislikon

Newbury & Reading Wargames Society - Into the Hornet's Nest

South London Warlords - Scarlet Thunder

The 'Meet the Rejects' session went very well with lots of people coming to say hello. Here The Angry Lurker collects a prize from The Wargaming Girl, Tasmin. 

Uxbridge Gamers - Border Incursion

Newbury & Reading - The Battle for Homs 1620 BC

Skirmish Wargames - Falklands Skirmish

South East Essex Military Society - Kingdoms in the Dust

Les Marie Louise Des Flandres - La Der des Der

Taylor's Crew - Beyond the Tannhausser Gate

Essex Gamesters - Corunna 1809

Essex Gamesters - Corunna 1809

Essex Gamesters - Corunna 1809

Essex Gamesters - Corunna 1809

Essex Gamesters - Corunna 1809

Essex Gamesters - Corunna 1809

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