Wednesday 17 April 2013

Saluting Salute 2009

Continuing this weeks theme of past Salute shows we now get to the 2009 event. This was a watershed moment for me because BigLee's Miniature Adventures was still in its early days (just a few months old) and I decided to have a go at entering the painting competition. I didn't really hold out much hope of winning anything because I knew from previous shows that the standard of entry was very very high. Overall I was very happy with my entry but as predicted the winners were light years ahead of me. It was still fun to take part though and although I'm never likely to enter another competition at least I can say I had a go. 

This was the show which saw me dip my toe into competition painting for the first - and only - time.
Assault on Innsmouth game by Gloranthan Army. This was a 28mm game based on the novel "The Shadows over Innsmouth"
Another participation game that looked like great fun was run by Frothers Unite called Night of the Frothing Dead.
Another game that caught my eye was Lalglesia de San Cristobal a 28mm Napoleonic participation game featuring Victrix plastic miniatures.
Another Napoleonic game that I enjoyed was the Perry Miniatures version of Quatre Bras featuring their 28mm plastics range.
Another favorite table for me was the SSWG's White Winter in Russia. This was a WWII 20mm demo game
The Siege of Okamoto-Jo by Oshiro Model Terrain. This was a 28mm fictional battle set in the Japanese Warring States Period
Julianus at Ozogardana was a 25mm Ancients battle run by Uxbridge Wargamers and featured Late Romans versus a Sassanid army
A great WWII city battle game

Back when I wore glasses...what a dork!
The show seemed busier than previous years but that may have been based on the fact that the queues outside were huge and there were other events on at the same time. I briefly joined the wrong queue and nearly ended up going to a Scuba Diving Exhibition!


  1. Personally I think Glasses suit you, Very Clarke Kent! But it does come down to what you think.

    1. I wore glasses from the age of 14 because I was short sighted and anything beyond 15-20ft was blurred. I couldn't have driven without glasses for instance. But like many people, as I have got older and my eyes have got weaker (i.e longer sighted) and corrected the problem. I never liked wearing glasses and now I don't have to I'm glad to see the back of them.

  2. I like your entry! very good work on this MITHRIL Salute 08 ! it's a nice figure and you did a very good painting job on it!

    I'm impressed with the quality of some game-tables!

    1. Thank you for the kind comment. I was happy with it, but up against some of the other entries it wasn't even in the same ball-park.


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