Tuesday 2 April 2013

Freezing my *** off

After early promise I didn't get much more painting done beyond that which I posted on Saturday. On Sunday and Easter Monday we went out as a family to try and make the most of the Holiday, despite the unseasonal cold weather. So on Sunday we took the Young Padawan skating at our soon-to-be-closed local ice rink (so much for the 'Olympic Legacy'). She had a great time but, as a spectator, I was borderline Hypothermia by the time we went home. Then Yesterday we went to a local Zoo and I added frostbite to my collection. The wind chill put temperatures firmly into negative numbers (-3°c I'm told).

Springlike it most definitely wasn't.

[Don't let this picture fool you, the only reason I'm smiling is because this board provided a little shelter from the biting wind!]

Anyway I'm back at work for a couple of days and then I have a week and a half off. We are going away for a few days next week but I'll also have time to get some painting done and finish off a few projects, so watch this space. 


  1. I bet the kids didn't feel the cold. I remember being little and playing all day in bitter weather with my fingers purple from the cold and being happy as a clam. It's nice to get out with the kiddies though and they'll always remember these times with you.

    1. Don't get me wrong, we had a good time, but its the coldest I have felt for years.

  2. Overtime has prevented me from updating my blog, and the still cold Michigan weather!
    But I did get a day off and spent it all in the chill air with my kids...we just ran around with nerf guns though.


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