Sunday 29 April 2012

Big Picture - Back from France

This weeks Big Picture is another one from the archive of the Newlyn Collection. There is little by way of identifying markings on this print other than a typed note on the back that says "Back From France - 19.6.40 - Members of the B.E.F.still smiling on their return to London from France".

Back From France 

Following their encirclement and defeat by the Germans what was left of the BEF and other Allied troops were trapped at the port of Dunkirk. The War Office decided to evacuate British forces on 25 May and over nine days from 27 May-4 June, 338,226 men escaped.


  1. Lee, recommend you read Sean Longden's Dunkirk: The Men they Left Behind. Excellent book, even if only for the BEF evacuations that continued for almost a month after Dunkirk...


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