Friday 27 April 2012

Wembley - A rare non gaming post!

Regular readers won't find it unusual when I say that I'm not interested in Football. The Beautiful Game is a bit of a mystery to me, probably because there are no dice involved. So it may come as a surprise when I tell you that I went to Wembley Stadium yesterday and took part in a very interesting tour. This post has no wargaming connections of any kind - I just wanted to show off a few pictures - so if you're not interested don't feel obligated to read further!

Needless to say I wasn't at Wembley for the footballing heritage but as part of my job. I work in the Oil Industry and part of my role is as a Safety Representative for my site. Our main supplier of safety equipment was holding a 'Meet the Experts' day where we could talk to a range of manufacturers of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). The tour of the stadium was part of the event and as I've never been to Wembley since the rebuild I thought it would be interesting to take a look around.

Wembley Stadium is huge and when you are down pitch side it looks even bigger. Walking out of the players tunnel its easy to see why so many footballers are Divas: nobody could keep their feet on the ground with 90,000 fans all cheering for you!

I have to say it was an interesting tour, even for a bloke like me who has no interest in football of any kind. I was more interested in the architecture of the building than its significance to British football. While the others on my tour were probably fantasising about playing football on the pitch, I was quietly mulling over the list of jobs sitting on my painting desk back home!


  1. No interest in football, that's a minus 6, for every die roll in your next 10 games, (only if your the opposing side of course!)
    Great pics!

  2. +1 with you Lee.
    I have no interest in football either.

  3. It's an impressive structure but then given it's cost it had to be!!

  4. Quite agree - football is dull. But I have been several times to see the NFL there and found it an incredible place.

  5. Quite agree - football is dull. But I have been several times to see the NFL there and found it an incredible place.

  6. Sorry Lee but I would disagree. I would love to go to Wembley. We think we are big time supporters of our All Blacks over here but the way you guys support your football teams puts us to shame. The atmosphere at Wembley during a football game must be awesome.

  7. Same here, Rodger - big footy fan and have desperately been trying to scrounge tickets for the FA Cup final... :D
    However, understand if it's not for everybody ;)

    1. FA Cup final would fantastic this year! My son and I are big Liverpool fans and there are another two in our short street. For us it will be an allnighter!Hope you get to go Monty.

  8. Hell of a stadium, unlike everybody else around here, I like Football...So jealous...


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