Thursday 12 April 2012

Painting Progress Report

The Blog has been silent for a few days while I have been on holiday. I'm not away this week but we are trying to get out and about despite the poor weather. I have also been getting a lot of painting done and my Parachute  Rifle Company should be finished in a few days. I'll post pictures of course as soon as I can get some decent pictures. So what else have I been up to instead of working on the Blog:

Down House
On Friday we went to Down House, former home of Charles Darwin. As well as being the home of one of histories greatest scientists it has an excellent museum about his work. There is also a 'discovery center' for kids including this game room where my little Padawan played Chess with me. The grounds of the museum are also very interesting as this is where Darwin conducted years of experimentation and study to test his theories.

We also went skating over the weekend. I didn't go on the ice (the probability of stupidity induced injury being too high) but my young Padawan had a great time for two and a half hours. Mind you Mrs BigLee and myself were frozen by the time we went home!

British Museum

Yesterday we went to the British Museum. This is one of my favourite buildings and a world class museum. I took a load of pictures and I may post a link to these later once I have sorted and labelled my pictures.

Today we are going 10 pin bowling and then getting a bit of shopping done (Model Zone here I come!). Then later in the week we plan on visiting either IWM Duxford or RAF Hendon depending on the weather. So all in all a busy but enjoyable week off and a vital work related stress detox!


  1. Thanks a lovely insight into BigLee, cheers.

  2. I hope that's not Bluewater you're going to although they do have a Burger King!

  3. Thanks for those close-up and personal words.


  4. Cool. A fella like me who lives in a City named Darwin (after the man himself of course) obviously must visit his former home if I am ever in the area one day. Cheers

  5. Looks like fun.. and some painting to boot.. great vacation through and through then :)

  6. The roof at the British Museum is wonderful; it has been far too long since I was there. Thanks for the prod.

  7. Sounds like a great time. Hope the weather held off for you all, especially today!

  8. Know what you mean about Ice skating, one of my daughters had a birthday party at Gillingham ice rink. All the other parents went upstairs in the bar, while I sat watching 15 11 year olds going round and round. I had a near death experience sitting there freezing my arse off, while everyone waved at me beer in hand!!!


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