Wednesday 18 April 2012

Back to Hendon

Over the weekend I had the chance to re-visit the RAF Museum at Hendon with the family. This was a birthday 'treat' for me but it was also a nice day out for everyone as this is a varied and interesting museum. This is the third time in as many years that I have been here - photo's here and here - so I didn't go overboard taking pictures (150 isn't excessive is it?!?) but I did shoot some video, which I have now uploaded to my YouTube Page and embedded below.

The first video is a walk around of two iconic early fighter jets, the Gloucester Meteor and the Messerschmitt Me 262. The Meteor wasn't in this position when I last visited but putting these two aircraft together makes perfect sense.

I also shot some video of a Grand Slam bomb, complete with some dodgy commentary provided by myself! This beast weighed in at 22,000lb and was filled with a little over 9,100lb of Torpex giving it a 6.5 ton TNT equivalent yeild. A live Grand Slam bomb was accidentally displayed as a gate guardian at RAF Scampton for over a decade before the mistake was realised. It was removed and detonated at the Shoeburyness test range.

The final video is of the V2 displayed in the Museum. This example has been sectioned and shows the guidance compartment, fuel tanks and the engine compartment. It also rests on an original transport trolley whereas most of the other examples I have seen elsewhere are standing upright. Again this video comes with my dodgy commentary.

I hope you enjoy the videos and this is something I may do more often in future.


  1. Very Nice Lee, good commentary and a nice short running time!

  2. Excellent post Lee. "150 isn't excessive is it?" of course not; I often take that many when photographing miniatures and the blasted things are still out of focus!

  3. The RAF museum at Hendon is great, went there for the first time at Christmas.


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