Tuesday 24 April 2012

Salute 2012 - Slideshow

Let this be my penultimate post on Salute 2012  - one more on my show purchases will be up tomorrow. I've finally finished reordering, labelling, trimming and cutting the album to a petite 270 photo's, down from the 600 I took on the day! So if you have about 15 minutes spare, sit back and enjoy the slideshow. Alternatively click this Picasa Web Link to go straight to the album and flick through at your own speed.

Phew that was hard work! And the job isn't over either. I still have to post about my purchases from Salute (I got some great stuff, really happy) and I haven't even begun to sort through the photo's from the Rejects game - the Battle of Salutesville! - from the Sunday.


  1. Only 269 pics Lee???? Great pics Lee!

  2. THank you once again, not quite as good as being there but gives a really good idea.

  3. I`m so impressed you actually managed to stick names and clubs to games... I usually don`t get any further then `that ACW battle looked cool` or the likes

    1. There are a couple of 'blanks' because some games/groups had no names or signs up. I usually photograph these before taking pictures of the game to help me figure out what they are.

  4. Well done, and thankyou so much for such a great view of the convention.

  5. Lee

    Thanks for sharing these great pics.



  6. What a slideshow! Had to do that in two sittings ;) Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks for sharing Lee! Great pictures!


  8. I'm surprised that you actually had time to see the show other than through your camera viewfinder! Great set of pics, really showcases the tables that were on display

  9. Excellent pics Lee. Thanks for sharing them. I really love the Aspern - Essling game, it's a beautiful looking set up.


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