Monday 23 April 2012

Salute 2012 - Show Review - Part 1

Although I was able to knock together a Video of Salute 2012 pretty quickly (thanks to some new software I purchased specifically for the job) the pictures have proved a much tougher ordeal. I shot about 600 photo's on Saturday and I have been steadily editing away at these in an attempt to bring this down to a reasonable number. When I have finished culling my pictures I'll post them as a slideshow but in the meantime here's a few of my favourite photo's of the many outstanding games on display at Salute 2012. There are more to come, but this is the first instalment.

Deal Wargames - Invasion of Denmark

Lance and Longbow Society - Battle of Grandson

GLC Games - Battle of Sagrajas

Oshiro Model Terrain - Assault on New Victoria

Oshiro Model Terrain - Battle of Komagane

Herne Bay & Whitstable - Crush The Kaiser

Phoenix Game Club - Jason & the Argonauts

Ilford Wargamers - HMS Aeronautica-REX

Greek Phalanx by Ancient & Modern

Donnington 'New Era' - Agincourt

Maidstone Wargames Society - Operation Deadstick

Wargames Illustrated - Siege of Sevastopol

Victrix - Battle for La Vajol

Loughton Strike Force - Aspern Essling 1809

Loughton Strike Force - Aspern Essling 1809

Chemins de Feu - Slowing the Tide - Baltic War

Bob Cordery's Portable Wargame -Seven Weeks War 1866

Continental Wars Society - Swiss Civil War – Battle of Gislikon

Newbury & Reading Wargames Society - Into the Hornet's Nest

South London Warlords - Scarlet Thunder

The quality of the games this year was exceptional. I love eye candy events like this because it inspires me for the rest of the year. There are plenty of more pictures to post so keep an eye open for Part 2 of this Photo review tomorrow. Hopefully by then I will also be in a position to post a slideshow of the finished and fully edited album!


  1. Great pictures BigLee, as usual.
    It's me the Belgian (with Blog in French) who chat with you a few seconds before Salute doors closed. Hope to meet you again. Have you ever been to the Crisis covention in Antwerp ?
    Kind regards,

    1. I haven't been to a show outside the UK but... On the Sunday I met up with the rest of Posties Rejects and the subject of overseas Shows came up. Several people said they would like to do a show like Crisis - finances and spouses permitting! Maybe next year!

  2. The perils of digital photography - there is virtually no limit to the shots you can take. The old 35mm camera with film made us all very choosy about which photo was going to make it.

    I have the same problem with bettle reports. A simple Thursday night game can deliver 75+ photos!

    Great shots though Lee - wish I'd been there.

  3. Great pics Mr Tape Wrecker (Postie told me so type that!) Have fun sorting through your pics, just thunk you should really be doing some work!! Postie said "He's glad you had a good win! And you wasn't suicidal; this game, after the collection of defeats you've had recently"
    Me on the other hand................Git!

    1. Fran's a cheeky git. I noticed that his tape measure was damaged earlier in the game. Then he slid it over to me, 'borrowed' my tape measure and then blamed me for damaging it! Bloody sneaky Oirish Bastard!!!

  4. Some great looking pictures there, took a lot more than me, who just ended up taking pictures of what interested me.

    Was great to meet yourself and some of the other rejects at Salute, look forward to doing it again sometime.

  5. Thank you for the photo shoot.

  6. Wow! A great start; bring on the next batch please.

  7. That Aspern - Essling game looks amazing.

  8. Looks great, wish I were there. Looking forward to the photo show!

  9. Great photos! I think i'm ready to go back to Salute again. I was last there about ten years ago helping on one of the traders stands and was frankly, overwhelmed by seeing people 6 deep trying to hand money to me for figures! Not the most enjoyable of experiences, but I have to say, now I've seen your photos I can see what I'm missing. I reckon next year I'm going to have to go back and enjoy it this time.

  10. What a lot of nice painted figures! Thanks Lee for sharing this with us!



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