Tuesday 3 July 2012

Colonial Wargaming - Usuthu!

Following on from my earlier post about WWS and their Colonial theme, this picture is just one example of the possibilities with this 'period'. This game was put on as a 28mm Zulu Wars participation game by the South London Warlords in 2009.

Usuthu at Eastborne Redoubt in 2009

Usuthu as seen at Salute 2009


  1. Now that is my sort of game! I might have to pick up a copy o WSS, thanks for the tip off.

  2. I really like the models for this range.. and warlords has a massive 1000 man deal for them too if/when someone wins the lotto and can afford it.. ;)

  3. I was tempted by colonial wargaming at some point, but I was on y own at the time. Shame I had to drop it.

  4. Love the recreation aspect of this!


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