Tuesday 10 July 2012

Infantryman Mould

Following on from this mornings post here is another popular mould for DIY toy soldier making, dating from about 1940. This example is also in the museum at Bletchley Park.

Mould for home casting of lead Infantryman figure (The Toys and Memorabilia Collection, Bletchley Park)

The finished figure would have been about 1/32nd scale (that's a guess based on my observation only) and depicts a British infantryman from the early 1940's. The mould is rather crude but I suspect that fine detail would have been short lived on a soft lead figure. Note the air vent from the end of the rifle on the right hand mould and the locating pins to ensure the mould was aligned properly before use. 


  1. Absolutely fascinating. I guess that they would have been given a simple paint job just using what was to hand?

  2. Bit before my time. very interesting never the less though

  3. !!! I had a lead fig almost exactly like that! Long gone now..it was painted with lead paint..probably that´s why half my brain cells are missing :-D


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