Friday 27 July 2012

War & Peace 2012 : Armour in the Arena

Following on from my earlier posts about the 2012 War & Peace Show now we get on to the big stuff. This show has probably one of the best displays of moving Armour in the UK outside the Tank Museum at Bovington. Each year the selection changes and this year saw some very interesting and unique vehicles in the arena. Here is a selection of my favorite pictures under this category:

A replica Stug III
75mm M8 Howitzer Motor Carriage
Russian T54
British A34 Comet Cruiser 
Valentine DD Tank
Russian T34
Biglee with a Stuart and Sherman
Two M36 Jackson's
I think you'll agree this is a pretty impressive array of Armour and easily justified the entrance fee. Later today I'll post some of my favorite pictures of the re-enactors themselves. 


  1. Yeah, now we're talking!

    Had the chance of seeing one Sherman in action back when I was in the army - I'll never forget this giant blue cloud of smoke it dragged behind itself.

    Great pictures, thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks like fun!
    The time I got to see a vintage T-34 it was dragging around a cloud of blue smoke as well and wow what a racket of noise :)

  3. Looks very good, a must-attend show for sure

  4. The day just seems to get better and better; just a wide variety of vehicles.

  5. Wow. Great pictures.

    Thank you for sharing them.


  6. Great pictures.

    Thank you for sharing them.



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