Tuesday 17 July 2012

Cardboard Wehrmacht Soldiers

Continuing the occasional series of pictures of Toy Soldiers. 

This rare example of a cardboard toy soldier was part of a range depicting Wehrmacht Troops. They were made c1935 by Richard Fürst of Kirn, Germany. The range included various Bandsmen, Medical Orderlies, Camp Scenes, Cooks and Mounted Troops. The figures were 7.5cm tall, are printed on both sides and mounted on wooden slotted bases with the makers name clearly shown. 

Cardboard Wehrmacht Troops c1935 by Richard Furst of Kirn, Germany.

This particular example is in the Churchill collection at Bletchley Park.


  1. I bet original prewar examples of these are worth a fortune, cardboard isn't very durable.

  2. Never seen those before.
    The gun to the left..it looks like it might be fired..it seems to have a breech.


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