Friday 20 July 2012

War and Peace (and Mud)

I'm off to the War and Peace show today, camera in hand of course. Given the prolonged rainfall we have experienced over the last few months I am fully expecting the site to be a quagmire of Somme-like proportions. This is based on bitter personal experience. I was there in 2007 when the site descended into a muddy hell that made movement around the displays and traders almost impossible. I'm hoping the organisers have some sort of contingency plan in place to mitigate the worst effects of the rainy season we laughably call the British summer!

War and Peace 2007 - Mud glorious Mud! 
I'll be at the show over two days this year so I can take my time working around the site in an attempt not to miss anything. Needless to say, regardless of the weather I'll be shooting plenty of photo's and will try to get as many as I can posted here as quickly as possible.

**Update** I've checked a couple of reenactor forums to see if there is any current news about conditions at the show and they confirm the mud is extensive and deep! I'm glad I anticipated this and went out and bought a good pair of Wellington Boots. It won't look stylish but at least I'll keep my feet dry! 


  1. Enjoy your two days and looking forward to seeing the pics


  2. Best of luck Lee; looking forward to the photographs on your return.

  3. Good luck and I am also looking forward to seeing the pics.


  4. Have a good time. I'll stay home and look forward to your pics.

  5. My father in law is down there. Hope he's got some decent boots.
    Think he will be coming back with a large collection of mud

  6. Funny world: you're drowning in mud there and we¡re dying of heat here in Madrid (worst heat wave on records...)

  7. UPDATE: Well day one was excellent and the mud isn't as bad as some people made out. There are bad patches but on the whole the ground is firm and drying out all the time. I shot about 300 pictures yesterday but today we are watching the displays so I expect many many more by the close of the day.


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