Monday 29 August 2011

Tilbury Fort

Sharp eyed readers will notice that I promised to post pictures and a write up of my Woodland building project. However my Internet connection is down (I think my modem has died). So although I have all the pictures ready, and I have written the text, I am unable to combine the two and post them here on BLMA. Such are the plans of mice and men and I'll have to post it tomorrow - assuming my ISP can fix or replace my modem when they come.

So instead of my prepared post here's a filler post. Today we went to the English Heritage property at Tilbury Fort. I've been here many times before but not recently. I shot some interesting pictures which I'll post when I get a chance later in the week.


  1. Nice one, Lee - bloody Nora, you put yourself about a bit, mate; great stuff!

  2. I think my technical issues have been resolved. Looks like it was a network outage rather than a problem with my modem. I should have my Woodland building post up later this afternoon.


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